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Hi, I'm Ashley!

I like making video & meeting new people.

By day I do a lot of things.


This is my dog Ogie

I work as a creative producer at Red Wine & Blue.

I produce & edit all of

our video content

(...yes I made this trailer)

I've been a content creator for companies like Bleacher Report, Yahoo Sports, & the National Hockey League

I've covered events

all across the country including:

Super Bowl 53

The NHL Finals

The NFL, NBA & NHL  The NHL Winter Classic 

The Match in Las Vegas

March Madness Finals

The Rose

....and more regular season games than I can count

I also produced a TV show called Garbage Time with Katie Nolan 


...we even won an Emmy

By night... i'm all about the theater

In March 2020, I started a TikTok account.

It's become a community of

over 40k theater fans


You can check

it out here.

Feel free to click around...

And thanks for being here!

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